Did you see Tree of Life yet? Probably not as it grossed about $36 at the box office. I was surprised to learn that three months after its release it is still playing at the Sunshine Cinema in NYC, apparently the theater has much greater aspirations of becoming a Trader Joes or an Urban Outfitters. Not to take anything away from Sunshine Cinema, it’s one of the last remaining places in the city where you can watch a movie without constantly being reminded of how much you hate people, but here’s hoping it doesn’t program itself into oblivion. Oh, the picture of Sean Penn above? That’s about how much screen time he has in this flick, so get a good look, if you’ve just got a thing for Madonna’s ex husband, you’ll probably be disappointed with this film.

A few months ago I caught the trailer for this film online, Rainn Wilson running around with a pipe wrench hitting people in the head, sold. Ellen Page in a tight fitting spandex superhero costume? Well, kinda sold I guess, maybe.  The story seemed like a retread of the whole Kick-Ass plot, but on a lower budget with an indie Juno-esque spin to it, oh, and Kevin Bacon’s in it too. Is he still married to Kyra Sedgwick?  Is she like 70 now? She has a TV show on TNT, it’s called, The Closer, like someone who closes a door, but I like to call it The Closer, as if it was getting nearer to me.  It always makes me think it’s about a character from Glengarry Glen Ross, but it’s TNT and Kyra Sedgwick so I doubt it has anything to do with that. Singles was a good flick though, she was in that, although the only things that really stick in my mind about it are that Paul Westerberg song, Pearl Jam were in it, and so was Bridget Fonda. Matt Dillon was in it too, I used to run into him at all these weird places downtown in NYC, I’d see him drinking at Milano’s down on Houston… or I saw him another time at Bungalo 8, he was wearing one of those leather jackets with an 8 ball on the back of it… another time he was in the east village at some bar with two really unattractive chicks… weird.

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Men In Black 3 has been filming the past week in Brooklyn near the corner of Court and Livingston, production usually kicks up in the evening and I’m sure the residents are thrilled. So far, no sightings of Will Smith’s gargantuan trailer, just 50 or so classic cars from the 60′s and a bit of signage “Zig Zag Records” which has been placed, removed and replaced over a T-Mobile store. It was interesting to note that a few days prior to filming all the (working) phone booths on the street were removed, wonder if they’ll be back after this is over.  Aside from cars driving down the street, backing up and doing it all over again, it hasn’t been all that exciting, though the shooting schedule seems to be from about 9pm-5am, so I might be missing the good stuff. A few of the cars have stickers on them that say “Crash Stunt” and it appears they are filming a chase scene. Tonight there were three motorcycles being kept under wraps beneath blue tarp, I got a look at one as the wind picked up and blew aside the cover and it appears that there is some sort of alien element to it, I saw a few people with cameras snap some pics, so they will probably be online at some point.

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Back in February I won two tickets to a movie screening at the IFC Center in New York, CHUD.com was raffling off tickets to “Rubber” a movie about a tire with telekinetic powers that goes on a killing spree.

ME:  ”Hey, I won tickets to a movie screening, you doing anything tonight?”

EVERY SINGLE PERSON: “No, not really, that sounds cool, what is it?”

ME: “Uh, it’s called Rubber… it’s about a tire that kills people”

EVERY SINGLE PERSON: “Yeah, umm.. you know what, I really have a lot of laundry to do, I should probably just stay in tonight and get that done”

Alright, aside from the fact that everyone uses that bullshit laundry excuse to get out of commitments, I don’t see how you can’t instantly be intrigued by a movie about a RUBBER FUCKING TIRE WITH TELEKINETIC POWERS.

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Straight to Hell is one of those movies that probably shouldn’t exist, it’s completely absurd that anyone made this movie, with this cast and somehow got away with it.  A spaghetti western? A bank heist? Joe Strummer? The Pogues? Courtney Love? Apparently this is what you do when you can’t get funding for a Nicaraguan concert tour in support of the Sandinistas.  Seriously, someone actually thought that wasn’t a great idea. The thing is, Alex Cox doesn’t give up that easily.  No concert tour? No problem.  As long as everyone’s free for a month why not just make a movie instead?

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Radio City Music Hall seemed like kind of a strange place for Kevin Smith to screen his new movie Red State, and judging by the amount of empty seats in the venue it may have been a miscalculation on his part. Who could blame the guy though? Not really sure how touring the movie and charging $60-$140 a ticket is changing the paradigm of film distribution, but Smith looks like someone who knows how to enjoy himself and he seemed to be having a blast “lowering the bar” of Radio City, screening what is essentially a B-horror flick. I didn’t know much about the film going in, the tickets I had were acquired through a seat filling service for practically nothing, so I might not have had the same expectations as someone who dropped upwards of 70 dollars apiece for tickets, but I enjoyed the movie. Definitely better than any of Smith’s recent work… well, actually the past 10 years have been a complete shitfest, Clerks 2, Jersey Girl, Cop Out and the somewhat tolerable Zak and Miri. If you walked into this movie blind there’s no way you make it for a Kevin Smith movie, aside from a few lines of dialogue sprinkled throughout, it “looks” like nothing he’s done before, which is a good thing.  Regrettably, as he seems to finally be hitting his stride as a director, Smith has announced that his next movie, “Hit Somebody” will also be his last.

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